is a Japanese Healing Art that uses "Ki" or "Qi", also known as life force, to promote healing and profound relaxation.  Many people can benefit from Reiki as it treats the whole person- mentally, emotionally, and physically.  Reiki is very safe and is conducted by the practitioner through the 'laying of hands'.

For children, Reiki is especially effective.  Reiki can also be used as a great adjunct therapy for chronic or more severe medical conditions. Jenn likes to think of Reiki as 'needle-less acupuncture'' because she finds it very subtle, but profound alternative for children afraid of needles.

Sessions are anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour.  Reiki is given with the client fully clothed, while seated or laying down.  Hands are placed lightly on or above the body.  Most people usually experience deep relaxation during treatment and may even fall asleep. 

Jenn is a certified Reiki Master that has been practicing Reiki since 2008.  Besides her solo practice, she volunteered her time offering Reiki at Kaiser San Francisco Hospital on the pediatric ward, as well as laboring mothers at Zuckerberg San Francisco General.  As a Midwife Apprentice and Acupuncturist, Jenn uses Reiki both prenatally and postpartum to ensure a balanced mind, body, and emotions for both mother and baby.  

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Jennifer Renee Chu

Reiki is quite beneficial in pregnancy and especially during labor by alleviating some of common symptoms associated with pregnancy, such as morning sickness, lower back pain, fatigue, poor circulation, and swelling. Reiki is also very efficient in healing emotional trauma after birth, and during the postpartum period.