Jennifer Renee Chu

Recommended Potty Training Products 

Reusable Chux Pads - great for when observing your immobile baby.  Also, very useful as a back up when night training.

Potette Plus Travel Potty - this is an excellent travel potty for when running errands, events, or appointments.  This potty is also a great potty to use for younger and smaller children.  Or for those that need a low seat because of constipation issues.  The reusable liner is perfect for use at home and the disposable liners are convenient for use outside the home.

Baby/Toddler Leg Warmers

Toilet Seat Reducer

Potty Books - teach your little one about potting and keep them entertained while on the throne.  

Tiny Undies- underwear and training pants for babies 6 months and above.  Finding underwear to fit cannot be found in stores, because tiny undies are made specifically for smaller 'ECed' babies. Receive $5 off with coupon code: LITTLEONESWELCOME