Have you ever wondered how parents potty their babies before the invention of diapers?  Think they used cloth diapering... think again. Before the invention of diapers, including cloth people around the world would begin potting their baby starting right at birth!  Today this has been coined as Infant Potty Training, Infant Hygiene, or Elimination Communication.  Not only is this method eco-friendly, it is also hygienically cleaner for you and baby.  If you are interested in learning more about Elimination Communication check out my class dates or set up an appointment with me for a personal consultation.  In the meantime, I recommend reading the Go Diaper Free book.  This is a must-read for anyone interested in doing elimination communication with their little one.  If you use this affiliate link, you can get a discount.

Potty Training use to occur by the age of 12 months in the United States before the invention of disposable diapers.  In other countries, however, the age for those that are potty trained has dramatically increased.  If you are in need of non-coercive potty training assistance, without the use of rewards you can attend one of my free support groups or set up an appointment for one on one help!  

I currently offer support groups for FREE quarterly.  Check my classes page for the next support group!   

If you want more information about Elimination Communication or Potty Training, check out this website.   If you still have lingering questions, you are welcome to contact me :).

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