Jennifer Renee Chu

 Postpartum Doula Services

Jenn conducts a series of on-going workshops in the Bay Area focusing in Postpartum Preparedness for women.  She is also a DONA trained Birth/Postpartum Doula and a Mindfulness Based Childbirth Educator at ​Zuckerberg San Francisco General Family Birth Center.  Jenn is certified by the ​International Childbirth Education Association and San Diego State University.  ​She is currently completing her studies as a Student Midwife with National Midwifery Institute.  ​For more information on Jenn's postpartum services, click here.


It takes a village to raise a child, and the postpartum period is no exception. Before all the modern day conveniences we are accustomed to today, village women of the past would help the mommas transition and heal post birth. 

Even according to Chinese Medicine, women were expected to "do the month" 坐月子 (zuò yuè zi). Which can best be summed up as moms getting sufficient amount of rest, good nutrition, and staying indoors within a thirty day period after birth.

Today, many families live far from one another making it challenging to offer the support to women. This is where postpartum doulas are especially helpful. It doesn't matter if you have family 5 minutes or 24 hours away, what matters is that mommas get the essential support they need postpartum. Even just a few simple hours a day can mean the world to the momma, baby, and/or family while they're welcoming the newest addition. 

My postpartum doula work also incorporates the philosophy behind "doing the month" 坐月子 (zuò yuè zi) to assist the family in ways that are needed.