Placenta Medicine

Jennifer Renee Chu

Ingesting placenta as a medicine has been used for thousands of years throughout the world and across many cultures. Placenta is most notably used today to increase the production of milk, balance hormonal changes after pregnancy, alleviate post-partum blues, and to stop hemorrhaging (bleeding after birth).

Placenta can be taken in 3 ways - by soup, pills, or tincture. Most commonly, the placenta is decoct, then grounded into a powder to be put into pills. Another way to consume placenta is in a broth soup form. Many mother's find this to be a very tasty and easy to drink, despite initial thoughts.

Like all 'rite of passage' rituals, your placenta will be handle with the greatest of care during preparation without sacrificing cleanliness and safe ingestion.

Jenn is state licensed to practice Chinese Medicinals and specializes in Placenta Encapsulation. She is also ANSI certified in California Food Handling and OSHA certified for Blood Borne Pathogens.

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