The amazing art of Chinese Medicine pre-dates 5,000 years.  Most people are aware of Chinese Medicine having profound results in helping with pain.  However, Chinese Medicine embraces many benefits which addresses the whole person where balance is the key.

Acupuncture is a specific branch to the root of Chinese Medicine.  Although acupuncture simply consist of the insertion of hair thin needles into certain locations along the body, much more takes place during a session.  It is also one of the safest ways to guide the body back to balance mentally, emotionally, and physically without the use of invasive procedures or harmful side effects.

For women, acupuncture is a natural approach for treating common blockages that manifest as musculoskeletal pain, trauma, infertility, labor induction, post-partum depression, insufficient lactation, and menopause. It's truly a wonderful way to re-harmonize the body.

Acupuncture is also very effective in treating children of all ages including infants. Treatments can be given to infants whom suffer from acid reflux or colic as well as treating children with eczema, ADD, ADHD, asthma, allergies, digestive problems, sleep problems, and behavioral issues.

Acupuncture appointments for children generally last about thirty minutes and needles are NOT retained. Other subtle 'needle-less' (manual) therapies may be included with your child's session.  Initial appointments generally take longer and are about an hour in duration.  

Jenn specializes in fertility, pregnancy, and pediatric acupuncture.  She received apprenticeship training in Classical Chinese Medicine, Qigong, and Daoism since 2006. Jenn also holds a graduate degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is licensed by the state of California to practice acupuncture.


Jennifer Renee Chu